Monday, November 5, 2012

the Dope-ness of the Universe

Never once have I directly asked the universe for anything that it/i/god didn't fully deliver and at precisely the right moment. The perfect moment. The most creative, synchronistic, un-arbitrary moment.

The WAY the universe delivers that which I have requested is every bit as beautiful a work of art as the THING ITSELF being delivered.

Imagine how dope the universe must be that the actual method of delivery itself is a medium through which the beauty and rhythm of creation is being expressed.

The One spares no expense contacting you. Ignores no method, excludes not a single medium through which it can and is permeating your consciousness.

Tune in. It's not a matter of whether or not the communication is happening, only whether you are defining these impressions, excitements, and synchronicities as communications or not. They are. All of them. Throw out your previously held paradigms of the restrictive ways things must happen.

Love is inclusive.

Ask for it and relax and watch what the universe does. Still stuns me every time.

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