Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Banana Coconut Guacamole

A girl I know told me that where she comes from in Brazil, Avocados are eaten as a sweet food or a fruit rather than with spicy foods or vegetables.This popped my avocado third eye cherry and from there I began experimenting with so many beautiful recipes featuring the precious avocado.  In fact, I eat one almost every day.  They contain an abundance of nourishing fats, good for the body, as well as amino acids and many other nutrients.

Banana Coconut Guacamole with 

Sugar Salt Fresh Fried Tortillas

The Ingredients:

The Guac:
1 Ripe Banay Nay
1 Ripe Avocado
Coconut Flakes
Cream of Coconut
Fresh Cilantro Chopped with Love 
(**Anything else creative and yummy: cucumbers, pineapple, crushed red pepper, bell peppers, honey, bee pollen, jalapeno,onion, mango, etc**)

The Chips: 
Preservative free handmade corn torillas
free range local organic butter
coconut oil

My Process:

Then I simply cut the tortillas into chip size pieces and fry in a pan of hot oil & butter until lightly browned,
drain on a plate lined with paper towel and while still hot sprinkle with raw sugar and freshly ground himalayan salt (or any salt).

Mash banana, avocado, a splash of cream of coco, some coconut flakes, lime juice, and a lil salt
then top with chopped cilantro

Next time I might make it a little more savory to satisfy my spice tooth (like a sweet tooth but for spicy food) by adding jalapeno, onion, and maybe a chopped  bell pepper...

Breakfast of Champs

The Oatmeal:

Slow cooked Irish Oats
Raw Local Honey + Bee Pollen
Raw Local Free Range Butter

The Milk:

All natural almond milk
Pure Noni Juice

Sweet Buttery Honey Oats buzzing with honey-bee creative energy +

Noni Almond Milk reminding me of that strawberry nesquick you had as a kid minus the chemicals and refined sugar delivering beauitifying antioxidant power

Today is Wednesday and this is my daily food ritual. 
Thank you universe for nourishing my being.

Marijuana Woman

artist unkown.

In my experience,
is the medicine of the masters
and I'll tell you why

She is a woman.
A jealous woman.  Someone once told me that.

The trick to lulling her equally,
is to love her enough
that she feels
no jealousy over you,
that you will coax her into her
mushroom vapor
plume body

that she may yeild easily
into the yoni space

In fact,  not only has she been called jealous
she is also possessive

And she's worth it.

I always felt that if I were a plant medicine
as a female,
in my earth body
I would be marijuana

She's the only woman I write poetry to.
Because she has earned my beautiful words
on the blank pages of my mind
and through her vines and sinews
I will explore the many strokes
given by the creator

Because my mind she opened
into a thousand spaces
very gently
and for all the right reasons

I love her because she is my first love.
She taught me the love of all green loves
By never ceasing to be with me
She came to me through
a small glass aquarium of THC molecules swimming into my flesh
softly bouncing inside the walls of my cells
softening me
as I expanded
into every next me
I would ever become,

through her lightest touch.

Someone once told me,
the greatest power
is with the lightest touch

I'll tell you why.
Because she captivates you so softly
so naturally and in such a rhythmic hive
that when you realize she is there in you,
you just let go
and melt into her
softly and glowing
vibrating alone
in your heart
and everywhere else

and then once you are there,
she leaves you there.
she leaves you

And this is true love.
Don't hate her
Mari never intended to be needed
she only intended
to show you
the way

Don't you see?
This woman is moon medicine
earth medicine
cool water in a rivulet medicine

A silver bird
a green vine
a sticky secretion
on the side of your mouth

to always remind you
she was there
until you let her go

and that's why I never
let her go

Because she lets me give her my power
and she lets me take it back

so that i can make it
into this poem
on this book of plant flesh
in this wooden cave of lights

she always calls
but never seeks an answer.
she simply calls,
just to let her fluxuating voice
raise through the spiral airwave

she's calling, soft and present
quiet and pervasive
her voice always ringing
through your throat into air
released through to your limbs
into your earth and
lifting you off into the sky
to wherever else you wish

and that's why I gave into her pull
because she never lied to me
she only rose
from the ashes
of my archaic mind
into the light above
my head


-Laura Weber

Marijuana and Sex: Another Poem about the love of lady ganja.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Marijuana & Sex

What is it about weed I find
so sexual
-ly explicit    
    (What is it about marijuana)

I like resting my face on
my hand
smell it on my fingers
like remembering touching you

It's kind of musky
like that sweet sticky
you know?  Like after we merge
    (What is it about marijuana)

I find it so sexy
I leave it by my pillow
smell it all night like
your neck

Wake up thinking about it
Wake up smelling like it
room smelling like it

my fingers still smelling like it
like you
like marijuana

    (what is it...) 

I find so sexual
-ly explicit
like freshly minted dollars
...a high frequency turn-on...

(wondering...what is it...about marijuana)

the slippery bowl
smoke encircling
    (marijuana...what is it...
sucking me 
into a 

the smell
of it
-ly explicit
on my fingers
against your neck

but what is it


I'm not sure who the art is by, maybe Alex Grey? 

Marijana Woman:

The Part of You That's Soft

I really don't care
what a freak you may be
or what you’re capable of in bed.
I'm not out to prove
How wild I am
Or how powerful.
All that shit is for the birds.  
Flocks and flocks of birds.  
Flocks and flocks of flocks and flocks and flocks of...

That's not the way to my heart.  
That fizzles out in ten seconds.  
That will come soon enough
with time,
and no effort.  

There's so much more of yourself to see.

I wanna see the part of you that's soft.
I wanna sift through all the programs and
and peel away your layers until I get
to the soft part.

The part of you that wants to shy away
and hide
that turns pulsing red when seen
if not approached
and delicately
and reverently.  
But that secretly and deeply wishes
to be seen
and experienced 
gradually, delicately, and reverently.

And I can see you
And I call upon you

That's the part of you I'm after.  
That's the part of you that has amnesia.  
That's the part of you that 

The part of you that never stores
heavy molecules
The part of you that can never find a way to
a virgin.  
The part that

Here, you can be felt and seen,
but never lost.  
Not unaffected, but just so
and secure. The part that knows it is

Our vulnerability will be devoured in the
reflections of ten

In this place, "you" stop being,
"I" stop being.  
All there is to do is remember creation.  
To create each other,
to forget the idea,
"each other".

Finally penetrating into the heart of the moment,
so deep beyond the dried out,
fixed skins
and into
the bleeding veins.

You don't even comprehend what
"wide open"
You maybe never even felt yourself
as God.  
Because you thought it would feel
so dominant
and all-powerful

Now you're here,
and instead you are surprised that you feel
like a child.  

You realize there is nothing to prove.  
You can be experienced without
or bitterness.  

You feel so perfect.  
The blockiness of time disintegrates
into the high-out-of-your-mind
of losing

Be not worried
Be not worried
turning out or
being turned out,
when ego interplay
and will make way for the actual meaning
of the word:


And I promise,
it's nothing like what you think.

Come away.  Let go of yourself.  
All that other shit is for the birds.  

Allow your layers to be peeled away,
beautiful onion that you are,

to the freshest most untouched
it self


Monday, July 22, 2013

The Artist

The True Artist

Must be crazy
who is making a way for them?
they are the dreamers

the ones dreaming with open eyes
living the dreams
pre-digesting the raw substances of the void
for you to consume

weaving the dreams into a reality
you can become

The true artists are the ones 
who lose their minds,
let them disintegrate in the face of God
so that they are left with only this transmutable fabric
with no other strands of doubt to grasp,
they believe the dream
and they become the dream

they bring the dream through the weightless fizzing broth of ether
through the granules of the earth and the canopy of the sky
through the apertures of your eyes
leading into your soul
and out into the reflection that is your world;

they bring the dream to life
a dream you lose yourself in
until you find the other side of yourself
they resurrect something never born

don't trust the artist
or feel bad for her
but let the artist be
for the artists are the ones dreaming the dream
into waking life

-Laura Weber

Friday, July 19, 2013

David's quote

"...Piscine in "Life of Pi" is so dope.  He understands that every religion has some truth in it, but not ultimate truth.  And that's why every religion is neither wrong nor right.  It's like they're all puzzles that (are) missing a few pieces.  But when you combine the ideas and individual truths of all religions, it forms such a broader understanding of spirituality.

Never let people tell you religions contradict each other.  That is such a hostile way of thinking about it.  They are separate interpretations of the same truth.  It's like asking someone to explain how they feel about music.  There is no correct way to explain that, but your explanation might resonate more with others than someone else's explanation.

That is literally all religion is;  A variety of explanations of how to return to ourselves, aka the ultimate truth."
-David Weber

For more insights and inspirational energy check out David's musical arrangement and dj work at:

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mozz Manzoor: The Salvia Shaman

Interview with Mozz Manzoor: Professional Salvia Guide

Mozz Mazoor is the founder and entheogen guide at Sage Divine Group, a company specializing in leading clients through guided Salvia sessions since 2010.  Mozz, however, has been personally leading Salvia sessions with others for more than ten years following his first personal experience with Salvia; a mind-altering plant medicine capable of creating expansive and what would commonly be referred to as ‘hallucinogenic’ or ‘psychedelic’ experiences.  I began learning about Mozz’s work after he became a good friend of mine and I decided to explore further into his life, his work, and his vision.  Ultimately this exploration is what lead to the interview you are about to enjoy.  Many questions were raised in my mind.  What was his first personal experience like?  What does a Salvia session feel like?  What are the practical applications of guided Salvia therapy?  Read on to find the answers to these questions and many more interesting gems and be prepared to have your mind expanded.

(All excerpts are direct quotes taken from the aforementioned interview between Laura Weber (author of Co-Creations) and Mozz Manzoor on June 30th, 2013.  The interview was rather long and has been paraphrased to express the highlights.)

Laura  Mozz, as you know, I'm really excited about the opportunity to sit down and pick your brain with an interview about who you are and what you're doing.

Mozz  I’m very excited as well. A warm hello to all of you taking the time to read this

Laura  Leading up to the interview I did some homework to find out the story about you and your company. Your company is called Sage divine Group and you've been in business about 10 years. Can you tell me a little more about your company?

Mozz  Well the company has been in business for about 3 years. My personal experience with Salvia, and that of guiding people through a psychedelic experience with Salvia goes back over 10 years.  I first tried Salvia when I was 18. It changed my life. I was so moved by the experience that I thought everyone should experience it as well.

Mozz’s first experience with Salvia:

“…I forgot what I was. I felt like a child.  And there came a brief moment where I wasn't sure if I was.  For a brief moment, I didn't know that I existed…  There was no conscious recognition of a "self.” Then out of the nothingness, a thought occurred."

“I realized that the thoughts were Originating from something that was me.  That there even was something that was me; That I existed…I came back very harrowed from the experience.  I vowed never to do it again, but over the course of the next few weeks something became very apparent to me.  I was happier than I had ever been in a very long time… I decided that all of my friends and anyone I cared about needed to experience this.” 

From there Mozz explained how he began to map out the process of creating safe and productive Salvia sessions which would eventually become therapeutic healing sessions for his clients.  10 years later, his hard work and trial and error process is paying off and what he can now offer is expertise.  As Mozz suspected as a young man of 18, his clients are regularly having safe, reliable, and transformative experiences, tailored specifically to the individual goals of each client under his guidance in therapeutic Salvia sessions.  Mozz has developed many happy clients.

One of his clients shared this simple but heartfelt thanks;
Thank you for being a part of my awakening. I am so grateful

Another grateful client ends their statement by saying,
“It seems that one thing that will last is my shift in perspective. In that I have confidence to face myself – to let myself cry and embrace my humanhood- my best intentions that cannot fully manifest themselves. That despite my hopes, they will fail. But not to get caught up in that – to just push forward and do what I do. To make the best of the whole situation.  I have no idea where I will go from here, but I am confident that it will be a better place, a more genuine place.”

So let’s learn a little more about what a guided Salvia session with Mozz entails. 

Mozz  What Salvia is giving you is an opportunity to explore your inner mental world. And that is something that must be respected. It should be treated with reverence and humility. That is a feeling that is very hard to find if you are concerned with how you are perceived by people around you. My sessions always start with about 45 minutes to an hour's worth of calming breathing exercises and guided meditations.  From getting to know a person and what they hope to achieve from a psychedelic experience, I can make sure that their Intentions are aimed in that direction.

Mozz  When I feel a person is mindful of where they are in their space and time…I send them off.  After years of figuring out how to put somebody in the optimal state to receive the gifts of Salvia, I have developed these techniques. 

Mozz  After a few minutes in that state the person comes back and we talk about what they experienced.  After I feel like they have expressed everything that they feel they should…I send them off again.  Each jump lasts for about 5-10 minutes.  I usually send someone off 3 times in a session.
A Person becomes more and more acclimated with the experience every single time and is able to take advantage of it in a broader sense.

Mozz has used the term inner space to refer to where a client can go during a Salvia session, so I asked Mozz to explain what the experience of one’s inner space is like.

I feel that your inner-space is whatever is hiding behind your ego…In essence (it is) a temporary denial of your ego.  As soon as you're born you start forming a relationship with the world around you. You learn to transact with the world around. As you get older the things you want get more and more complex. You start letting the world know certain things about your identity. You make decisions about yourself…You want to let the world know who you are… That identity, that collection of decisions, is what I defined as the ego…What Salvia does his cuts that off.  The hope being that when you come back you’ll have a better sense of what those decisions and those choices should be.”

Laura And how can people integrate this new perspective with the "everyday life" they return to after the session?

Mozz  When you feel your true self and the desires that lie within that, It's easier to go forward in a more honest way so that you're giving yourself the best opportunity to be happy.

Laura  Would you say that this experience is ideal for those looking to go deeper and access their truer desires through a psychedelic but who possibly are just inexperienced or unsure?

Mozz  I couldn't have said it better myself.  People who are feeling stuck. Who are in repeating patterns. Who need a jolt; To wake up the wonder inside them People who are jaded.  (These are people who) could benefit from this.

(The topic inevitably drifted into the much debated and mysterious topic regarding the use and application of other hallucinogenic plant substances…)

Laura  What are the implications for this with other plant medicine? How does this invite us, as a culture, to revisit how we look at these substances which were viewed as medicines by our ancestors?  Could these substances be vehicles for social change?  Looks like we'll have to schedule a few more follow up interviews to cover them all.

Mozz  I'd love that
(So, now we have that to look forward to! J)

Laura  And with that said, Mozz, what do you want to leave us with? From 10 years of experience as a Salvia guide, and indeed a pioneer in an exciting new field, what is the vision of Sage Divine Group into the future and how do you see this practice affecting the people who experience it?

Mozz Manzoor “For many of the Incarnations of malaise that people suffer from in this modern society, the antidote isn't a methodical roadmap of thoughts, but rather an emotionally moving experience to show you a truth you can feel.
Laura  Your vision is coming at a perfect time and I see you and 
this practice really serving to build bridges where there were none before and allowing more people than ever before to have transformational experiences of healing during this time of change in the world.  Thank you for your work.

Mozz  Thank you. That is a very nice thing to say

Laura That was a beautiful conversation, thank you for being interviewed and I can't wait to connect this information to the world.

Mozz  Thank you so much! I really, really enjoyed that.

Interviewing Mozz brought helped me see a powerful and intriguing way plan medicine is being used in a therapeutic healing modality.  There’s a lot to learn about the use of plant medicine like Salvia.  Ultimately we can perhaps be inspired to revisit our previously held definitions for hallucinogens, about what can be defined as alternative health and medicine, and ultimately to perhaps force us to consider the role of sacred plant substances in the healing and consciousness shift of our time.

Make sure you check out my article: Which delves a little deeper in the idea of plant medicine being a part of the consciousness shift.

Importantly, Thank you so much for joining the conversation and being a part of the shift.  I would love to hear your comments and dialogue.  If you have any questions for Mozz, simply leave a comment here or check out the links to Sage Divine Group’s Website and Facebook page where you can find contact info and learn more about Safety, Legality, and other facts about Mozz and his work with Salvia.