Monday, July 22, 2013

The Artist

The True Artist

Must be crazy
who is making a way for them?
they are the dreamers

the ones dreaming with open eyes
living the dreams
pre-digesting the raw substances of the void
for you to consume

weaving the dreams into a reality
you can become

The true artists are the ones 
who lose their minds,
let them disintegrate in the face of God
so that they are left with only this transmutable fabric
with no other strands of doubt to grasp,
they believe the dream
and they become the dream

they bring the dream through the weightless fizzing broth of ether
through the granules of the earth and the canopy of the sky
through the apertures of your eyes
leading into your soul
and out into the reflection that is your world;

they bring the dream to life
a dream you lose yourself in
until you find the other side of yourself
they resurrect something never born

don't trust the artist
or feel bad for her
but let the artist be
for the artists are the ones dreaming the dream
into waking life

-Laura Weber

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