Friday, July 19, 2013

David's quote

"...Piscine in "Life of Pi" is so dope.  He understands that every religion has some truth in it, but not ultimate truth.  And that's why every religion is neither wrong nor right.  It's like they're all puzzles that (are) missing a few pieces.  But when you combine the ideas and individual truths of all religions, it forms such a broader understanding of spirituality.

Never let people tell you religions contradict each other.  That is such a hostile way of thinking about it.  They are separate interpretations of the same truth.  It's like asking someone to explain how they feel about music.  There is no correct way to explain that, but your explanation might resonate more with others than someone else's explanation.

That is literally all religion is;  A variety of explanations of how to return to ourselves, aka the ultimate truth."
-David Weber

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