Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Marijuana & Sex

What is it about weed I find
so sexual
-ly explicit    
    (What is it about marijuana)

I like resting my face on
my hand
smell it on my fingers
like remembering touching you

It's kind of musky
like that sweet sticky
you know?  Like after we merge
    (What is it about marijuana)

I find it so sexy
I leave it by my pillow
smell it all night like
your neck

Wake up thinking about it
Wake up smelling like it
room smelling like it

my fingers still smelling like it
like you
like marijuana

    (what is it...) 

I find so sexual
-ly explicit
like freshly minted dollars
...a high frequency turn-on...

(wondering...what is it...about marijuana)

the slippery bowl
smoke encircling
    (marijuana...what is it...
sucking me 
into a 

the smell
of it
-ly explicit
on my fingers
against your neck

but what is it


I'm not sure who the art is by, maybe Alex Grey? 

Marijana Woman: http://cocreatingself.blogspot.com/2013/07/marijuana-woman.html

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