Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sphere of Love

"Selfishness" is a beautiful and compassionate decision.
Unlock the key to loving yourself;

When you love yourself so much; completely, the gift you've really finally allowed yourself is perfect freedom.  You've told yourself it's OK to be exactly as you are.  You've stopped judging your process or where you are in it.  You've allowed yourself to be vulnerable.  You've allowed yourself to see you as beautiful and deserving.  You've opened yourself up like a child, and have begun to trust yourself.  You begin to feel that you can and will allow all good things come to you.  All experiences of disappointment or neediness dissipate.  Now that you are this complete sphere of yourself, so full of perfect love, you are so free.

You are free to love others.  And not just certain ones, but all ones.  You free yourself to love every being, every reflection of yourself, you no longer need another to be or do anything.  You now no longer need any other being to be anything other than everything and just exactly what they are;  because you are allowing this freedom for yourself and now it is your joy to allow it in others.  And as this sphere of love, you experience the ongoing moment of constantly unfolding into your own love and all of love.  And as you emanate the unavoidable runoff of this supreme and colossal love, those beings in your presence, and across all reaches of the universe, have no choice but to feel free to love themselves more perfectly and to expand into even more love within themselves.

You see, selfishness- the negative connotation we've placed on the word-has been such a misonstruance.  To be selfish is to be compassionate.  To finally begin fulfilling and listening to oneself, to give into the compelling desire to embody oneself, to embody love, is to finally allow oneself to be complete and without need. Only once we are without need can our light and beauty propel the healing, joy, expansion, and love in others.

Only once we have allowed ourselves to be love, can we share it.  Only then can we allow it to permeate all consciousness indefinitely, infinitely in every direction and through all dimensions of space-time and beyond.  In this supreme unfolding, we feel the momentous pleasure of creation expressing itself as a 
profoundly perfect love story, 
from self to self
from self to other
other to other
from every other to all 
all in creation
in every state of beingness
exultant in gorgeous love.

So, be selfish.
Love yourself so selfishly, so lavishly.  And then all there is left
is to marvel in awe at it's infinite non-subtractable wholeness,
and to then set it free,

give it away, as a bird
gives itself to the unimaginable expanse
of the sky

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