Monday, November 5, 2012

Girl God

The Story of the Girl God
And How All Religions Come to Be

In the year 2012 there was a girl who had an old soul, liked astrology and was in the new Age movement.  Many people were.  As much as this girl respected and valued her guardian angels, past life identities, spirit guides, animal spirit guides and the like, she still never quite took any of their word for it.  Whatever they told her about creation, beingness, duality, paradox, space-time, oneness, etc., she still always paid mind to her strongest instinct and resonated most with those guides or forms of guidance which resonated with her instincts most strongly.  Those guides which resonated most strongly were always the ones telling her never to trust them, but always to trust her own experience.

As she trusted her own experiences more and more and more, she found that her guides were beginning to appear very quietly when telling her to trust herself.  More and more frequently this happened.  More and more quiet did they become until most of them merged and couldn't be deciphered separately, and one of them was finally called, "my self", by her.  "Myself!"  the voice announced itself, "both by name and by function," it said.  And so slowly and by the gradual leading of her own inner-self voice she realized that all she needed, wanted, had been, and would become, was very much contained within the walls of her own self and thus began to realize everything was herself.  She thus did something more accurately described than by saying she BECAME God but more so by saying that she understood and remembered that she WAS God.

Now you know the rest of the story.  What do people do when they are around a person who believes themself to be God, behaves and creates like God, and lives comfortably and without anxiety within God?  What do People do? They call this person "God".  And they worship this person, and they follow this person.

Well, this is very much so what happened with this girl.  As soon as she realized that every layer of guides through her life, from religious symbols and systems, to "spiritual" guides and concepts, to emotional and intuitive understandings, then finally down to her very "self", was simply a channel through which she awoke into the next most expansive layer of herself, she had no further choice but to realize she, actually, was God herself.  Himself...itself.

And shortly thereafter, she was discovered, and thus became God.

She was OK with it at first because she knew of course, from her experiences, that she was God, and in that knowingness, she also understood that all beings were equally God, only in different stages of remembering it and different expressions of it.  So this is how it happened that, at first, she was innocently excited about being called God.  She went to work right away showing and telling everyone around her that they were God too.   "Uh-huh, uh-huh."  They nodded in agreement when she told them the good news.  But still they followed her.  She showed them so many things.  She showed them how to use pendulums, she showed them how to use meditation, she showed them about sacred art, math, and technology, she showed them about chanting and energy healing, because these were the permission slips which had helped her allow her self to remember who she was, and they said  "uh-huh, uh-huh" and followed her.

Now, a very important distinction is that this was only a small segment of society following this random God girl.  Plenty of other people had or were God already and laughed in amusement, some scorned or judged, and some ignored.  Some even called her evil.  Many did.  Still the followers followed on.  She tried and tried telling them that they were God too, that if only they would ask, they would receive, that all of them had been made out of the same formula of pure consciousness as she, that none of them could even see God in her, had they not first known it in themselves.  "Uh-huh, uh-huh" they nodded, and wrote down in their notes that these were metaphors.

On and on they followed until one day she fell ill from all the pressure and died.  So many questions, so many feelings surrounded her death.  Some were devastated, some mocked, those who had believed her to be evil were relieved.  After the initial shock began wearing off, things started falling into routine.  But now the followers began asking, "what routine?"  They had no independent routines because they had insisted on following her, which she never intended or encouraged.  So now the followers had only one option, to continue following of course!

So, Instead of doing what they did for one another when one of them died and saying, "oh go on!  Let yourself be happy, she loved you, she would've wanted it that way.  Let yourself be free," the followers instead said, "we must do exactly as she did.  She was beautiful, she was amazing, she was God.  This is the perfect way.  This is the only way.  No matter that she called us God and told us to find our own path.  She probably didn't mean it, don't even write that down.  But write the rest down."  They created a book and a mandatory system of obligations.  And so they carried on this New Age religion with the random girl-God as their avatar.  And as she had done, so they did.  They used pendulums, they used meditation, they chanted and practiced energy healing, they studied and memorized sacred art, math, and technology.

At times one follower or another would become curious about outside methods, other versions of God, or other formulas, but this person was always punished and was considered quite bad by the other followers.  All in her name.  And of course, as they would be expected to do, they defended their name.  Her name, that is.  Sometimes to the death.

This is how the random girl God religion was founded.  And how all religions are founded.

The End.

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