Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Love Letter from the Universe

Love Letter from the Universe:

The issue is not getting what you ask for, the issue is getting in touch enough with yourself that you actually know what you're excited about so that you know what to specifically ask for.  Most of us feel frustrated that we perceive ourselves to not have what we want and desire when in truth we have not identified or requested it.  

If you know what you specifically want, you can ask for it and feel confident that you will get it and not be afraid to receive it, but the truth also is that many of us are angry about not receiving or having things we haven't even asked for.  We are in fact identifying a feeling that we are aware we are not experiencing a full version of our whole self in following our excitement and that's where the production of the frustration emotion comes from but the lack of the awareness comes where we know we are frustrated but we don't know ourselves fully enough to know that we are afraid to ask specifically for what we want because at a core level we know we will get it. This is why on this planet we say, "watch what you ask for, because you might receive" and this is true.  Although there really is no "might" involved.  And the only reason we would ask for something and not experience ourself in the culminated reality of HAVING it is because as it is being delivered to us via the tunnel of our excitement we leave that tunnel and cease to take the excitement cues because we become afraid and we may do this for any number of reasons. Perhaps because we don't feel adequate to act out the reality we asked for, we don't feel deserving, or maybe it could seem to trap us.

In fact, maybe we are asking for the wrong things.  Wrong in the sense that we are asking for a symbolic reality which is simply an avatar for a frequency state we wish to be in.  For instance, if you ask to be a shaman your higher self understands that you are asking for this because of what vibratory signature, emotional pattern, or vision this word, image, and idea, creates for you.   You associate this symbol or the title with a specific vibratory state that you would prefer.  However that label itself is limiting because all titles and labels by definition are limiting and compartmentalizing.

But simply understand that when you ask for something from a true desire to be that state or have that experience, your higher self understands far better than you do what it is you're actually asking for and that the compartmentalizing words, restrictive images, or sample emotions you offer as the request are merely SYMBOLS of a vibratory state or dimensional reality that is INFINITELY more expansive, dynamic, full, exciting, and satisfying than the mere symbols of that reality could actually be and all there is to do is ask in earnest and trust, with NO fear or hesitation or doubt that the small token you have asked for as a representation of your excitement is merely a small key into the true total reality that your total self understands you want.

All there is to do is relax.  You can have absolutely everything.  Stop blocking things you desire from flowing to you simply because you are afraid.  You do not need to be afraid to receive the reality you dream of having.  You can and will have every tiny expression of that which you have dreamed in flawless sequence or non-sequence in an infinite perfect pattern suited distinctly to you as a soul expression; to you as a being at this point of creation.

Allow all of your joy and dignity and power to come to you understanding that your higher or total self will not simply package it, drop it on you, and leave "you" the individual physicalized person to express and handle it by yourself.  In exactly the same way that it is and will be flawlessly and beautifully delivered to you is the same way it will be miraculously and magnificently unfolded within you in a completely perfect way.

Trust this.  This is the design of creation, nothing more and nothing less and as a facet of creation this is something you are fully entitled to as a sort of "birth rite" of existence.

There is absolutely NOTHING you must "do" or "be" in order to deserve or receive this.  This is what you are.  You are creation.  You are perfection.  Allow yourself to unfold into all of yourself that you've been wishing to be, for this is your right.

I can't take full credit for the content of this post.  I was meditating, then I was reflecting, then I was writing and quickly after starting to write, the words got away from me and were just pouring through so quick that my hand was hurting and I couldn't keep up.  This is almost always the case with my writing to some degree or another- especially this blog in particular.  That's why I called it Co-Creations because these are my writings where I am feeling highly inspired and creative and in the flow and during the creation process my content and my mind at some point seem to fade away behind a veil and I feel that I'm watching myself write something from somewhere else- some more expansive part of me, rather than just from the mechanism of my brain.  Out of all my writings recently, this is the passage I feel least like was "Me", if that makes any sense.

Anyhow, I was meditating about manifestation because I have recently really began to understand how it works and to put it lightly, it has been working for me (through me).  Things are manifesting so quickly for me that I started to get a little overwhelmed or stressed, even though I was seeing the things I was excited about manifesting in "real time", I guess I wasn't trusting that they would unfold as they should once they came (complicating things)...So this information and energy really relaxed me, healed this part of me, refreshed me, and put me at ease.  Well really, it allowed me to liberate myself to just simply be. I know that at least one person at some moment will find and read this and it will serve them in some way.


  1. We are star dust my dear, I am glad that my name was in this! It is a piece to confirm truths! I couldn't help but to relate the spider in your picture, to everything in this article. I thought of how complex it's engineering skills, yet how it construct such a perfect web with ease. A spider does not doubt it's ability to build a web, in fact the opposite it is innate to her nature. I thought of how humans are afraid of the spider when really she teaches us something about our creator. She is not the great killer that humanity has made her. She is the great teacher of manifestation of the mind to the physical realm.We depend on the darkness to be there as our teacher but one of life's greatest lessons is that the darkness or negative experiences are there only to facilitate and prepare the higher self to accept these gifts. If we do not resist the properties of the universe unfold without peril, without effort.

  2. Finally read this. Love it. So true... and I'm currently working on grasping this idea in its entirety and trusting it like I did almost a year ago. ...climbing out of this dark hole I got myself into a while back... I'm getting there :)