Friday, October 26, 2012

How to Know You're God

If you aren't the thing you are sensing, how do you perceive it's existence?  Through what sensors?  You see things because you have eyes, you hear things because you have instruments which intake and sort vibrational sound waves, you taste things because you have buds to receive this type of information.  Sensation, perception, must always be an inseparable synergistic cooperation between the sense-er and the sensed.  There is not one without the other.  If it is not being perceived, what way is there to know it exists?

I'm tired of certain documents, in exclusion, certain places, people, or entities being called "divine" or "sacred" as if to specify that all other things are non-divine things.  Sub-divine things, if you will.

Right now I'm sitting in a room with a pregnant young woman and I know that a new physical life-form is developing inside her.  I find this astonishing.  Is she not youth, is she not a facet of the sacred divine feminine, is she not acting out the cycle of creation, of death and life?  In and of her very femaleness, bearing-new-life-ness, having a life-transferring-vagina-ness, is she not supremely sacred?  Of course, supremely sacred, supremely divine.  And uniquely so.


We take books like the Bible, the Quaran, the Kabbalah, etc, and call them sacred.  Rightfully so!  But not exclusively so.  And not especially so.  No more or less than any other thing.  "Sacred texts", so called, are simply those forms of expressed information which all out HIT US OVER THE HEAD with concepts of divinity.  Yet the "sacred texts" that insist we too are divine, that we too are God , we hide away, banish, refute, destroy, outlaw.  And because we do not recognize our own complete divinity and sacredness, we then put these messengers on pedestals and say, "This!  This is sacred! This is holy!" And we worship it, missing the entire point.  Missing the point that it was meant to serve as a reminder of who and what we are, not to serve as a master over us.

We fail to understand that this is merely a reflection, a very passionate reminder of our own divinity.  If the gospel song makes us shout, the sacred ceremony makes us cry, the prayer makes us silent in reverence, it is only because our divine self is identifying divinity within it's own reflection!

There is nothing that is not divine.  There is nothing that is not sacred.  There are only those beings unaware of their sacredness; Shrouded in the dark weight of forgetfulness.

Divinity itself, however, the micro- and macro-cosmic reflective beingness of it, can never be misconstrued.  The divinity of each sub-molecular particle, the field of nothingness from which it ultimately springs, can never cease to be it's own essence.

By definition all of existence must be sacred and must be divine.

You are perfectly beautiful.
You are entirely perfect.
By definition, you must be this.

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