Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spider ProCreation

One of the most fascinating things about spiders is their sexual and reproductive model.

The female in almost all species is larger and thus more powerful than the male. She never seeks to mate, but rather is always sought.

The male approaches at a distance and gradually seeks entrance, first to her web, then to mate with her.

Throughout the spider world, the act of sexual intercourse will very regularly culminate with the female eating the male who she has just allowed to mate with her.

You have to wonder if the male, in his deliberate and humble approach, must know that he is walking directly into his death and that he is thus sacrificing himself to her and to the continuation of the life cycle.

This makes me furthermore wonder if he makes this choice because the desire to merge with the greater energy and to experience giving his seeds of life to this cycle, must be such a compelling desire that the male spider surrenders himself to be consumed by her.

His gives himself as an individual just for the chance to give what he was made to give to the whole, through her.

It's really quite a beautiful model, if you ask me.

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