Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Perceptual Creation

Our perceptions, the ways we judge other people and outward circumstances in our world are priceless gifts we give ourselves because they are giving us a microcosmic model of our beliefs and perceptions about OURSELVES from which we can learn and understand the process of creation.

You don't HAVE your perceptions, you ARE your perceptions.  Your perceptions are an exact replica of who you're choosing to be and therefore what you're choosing to create, whether consciously or un-consciously.

You can trace the perception directly back to yourself to see yourself making this choice of perception and better yet WHY you are making this choice, and see the complete process of how you are creating what it is you're creating.

You are, every "moment" of creation, very literally carving, yes creating "yourself" and thus your perceived experience, out of the vast fabric of nothingness from which every varying experience and expression of creation emanates. 

Whatever we choose to carve, however expansive or restrictive it may be or in whatever direction will and can never be "bad" or "good", but what it can be is PREFERRED or NOT PREFERRED.  

By familiarizing with what our perceptions of everything around us are, we can become aware of ourselves as the operator of this creative engine and then have more fun surfing through this eternal adventure of experiences, leaving behind the frustration, fear and insecurity and rather feeling the love, support and abundance, knowing that this is always our choice.

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